BEing Solid in Uncertain Times

Your impact is immense, your job a BIG responsibility!

The effect of your words, actions and way of BE-ing on the children you are in contact with shapes their lives.

By developing your own personal skills, you will have an even greater positive influence.

Designed specifically for those who work directly with children (teachers, child care workers, coaches, and youth group leaders) this “Educators’ Version” of our popular Flip YOUR Switch workshop will support you in developing more positive personal connections.

Together we will develop and explore practical and easy ways for you to:

     ✔️ Turn problems into stepping stones

     ✔️ Navigate life’s challenges with greater ease

     ✔️ Fall in love with who you see in YOUR mirror

     ✔️ Develop the habit of positive self-talk

     ✔️ Live life by YOUR rules

The focus is on how to translate your personal learning to directly impact your daily work with children in a practical and step by step way.

     ✔️ Model positive self-talk for the children in your sphere of influence

     ✔️ Implement mindfulness into your day to day activities and lessons

     ✔️ Create a foundational structure for the children to use both at school and at home

During this Special Course you will learn and integrate the 7 Step Belief Re-patterning System Suze has been sharing for over 2 decades - empowering you to tap into your positive mindset on demand. 

We have adapted the content of our signature experiential Flip YOUR Switch program, with special emphasis on re-patterning your beliefs to be as supportive as possible through the current challenges you, your family and our world are facing. 

How do you want to look back on this time? With regret and disappointment? With anger and blame? Or with gratitude for yourself for meeting the challenges, moving forward with ease and creating your best outcome? Every situation is an opportunity for you to live a victim story or create your own empowering hero story. We'll support you in uncovering, expanding and claiming your personal strength. 

Make the investment in yourself 

Claim your exceptional life-long transformation

Learn on your own timeline with 10 Modules of recorded videos and exercises. You will have access to our online Library for one year to complete the course.